St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ is located on the south side of Chicago, IL.  The ministry was birth through one of God's chosen servants, the late Pastor Samuel Patterson.  Having served as pastor of two other churches one in Des Moines, IA and the other on the southeast side of Chicago. The tenets of our doctrine are contained in the Statement of Faith.   In addition to the Statement of Faith we have included other tenets of our doctrine in particurlar, our Proclamaton Against same-sex marriage.

On Sunday morning, November 17, 1957, a door was opened at 5539 South State Street, in the city of Chicago. Seventeen children were enrolled in Sunday School.  Seven individuals attended the worship service.  This newly formed mission was organized as St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ with Elder Samuel Patterson as pastor.  The church was added to the roster of Central Illinois Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop Louis H. Ford

God continued to smile on this planted vine.  Though small in number, the church and its’ leadership were rich in faith, trusting God for a new location.  St. Samuel Temple moved to 6064 S. State Street on August 31, 1958.  The heartaches, disappointments and setbacks were many.  Some fell by the wayside, but God had given a few who refused to doubt His power.

On Sunday, December 3, 1973 the Lord blessed us to move into our own church at 8749-53 S. State Street.  Visions of building a new church at this location burned in the heart of our pastor, Elder Samuel Patterson.  Through his ministry many souls were saved, healed and delivered.  The membership began to grow and the Lord began to bless financially.  A ten year contract was satisfied in eight years.

The building program began in the late 80’s, with the completion of a new edifice in 1991, dedicated by the late Bishop Louis H. Ford.  Our pastor shared honors as “Pastor of the Year”.  In addition to the new edifice, adjacent property was purchased three years later giving the ministry the entire corner.

In 1995 after the death of Bishop Ford, Pastor Samuel Patterson made a decision to align himself with the consent of the church under the leadership of Administrative Assistant Robert Sanders.  At the forming of Third Jurisdiction Illinois Pastor Patterson served as Administrative Asst. and Superintendent of the Lillian Brooks Coffey District now known as the St. Samuel Patterson/James C. Whiteurst Memorial District.

In 2001 Pastor Samuel Patterson turned the reins of the ministry over to his son Richard, Sr.  Elder Richard Patterson was installed by Bishop Robert Sanders with the consent of the membership.  Elder Richard Patterson, Sr. made his goals and objectives clear.  The first and primary goal was to pay the church off.  In August 2002 St. Samuel Temple paid the mortgage in full.

In 2004, September 16th the Lord summoned our founder home.  His passing had a profound impact on the lives of the membership.  We will never forget him, nor neglect to speak of him to future generations.  Thanks be to God, our founding mother, Mother Bennie Patterson is yet with us lifting up the name of Jesus.

In 2007 our “Year of Jubilee” the membership was instructed by God to follow his command of sowing and reaping during Jubilee (Leviticus 25).  The membership did not tithed from employment income, yet the Lord as promised has blessed the ministry.  Every obligation has been satisfied on time and the finances have continued to come in.  We look forward to a bright and promising future.

In 2008 the year of "New Beginnings" the Lord is spoke the word "Explosion" through our pastor.  God added more souls to the ministry along with the purchase of a van to rebuild the "Transportation Ministry".

In 2010 another level of spirituality has been reached.  The explosive New Year's revival, with Pastor Eugene Fears, launched a rebirth in ministry.  The preached word of God is reaching new highs.    We continue to experience explosive outbreaks in this year.    To God Be the Glory!!!

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