The journey which led to this ministry was a tedious one, but together our founder Pastor Samuel Patterson and his wife Mother Bennie Patterson made it.  Mother Patterson's bio can be found on the Women's Ministries page

Having served in the St. Paul Church of God in Christ faithfully under the late Bishop Louis H. Ford, God had a path into pastoral ministry.  This path first led to Iowa and then back to Chicago before finally ending at St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ.

St. Samuel Temple was implanted by God into the heart of our founder.  God even in dreams dealt with him concerning the location we now occupy.  This dream detailed a building overlooking a highway, which had not even been built at that time.  That highway is Dan Ryan Expressway and the present church overlooks it.

The ministry now just over 50 years old is experiencing growth prophesied many years ago.

Our founder guided the ministry for 44 years, at which time the Spirit of the Lord led him to turn the reins over to his youngest son, the now Superintendent Richard E. Patterson, Sr.  The Lord summoned our founder home in 2004 leaving a legacy of holy living and devotion.  His prayer life was unparalleled and God revealed Himself through a strong healing ministry.

Our Church is positioned for greatness through the strong foundational teachings and a willingness to adhere to them.

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